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Ways to Look After Your Fresh Flowers



Who doesn’t love receiving gifts via mail? We all love to receive gifts, tokens, and packages through deliveries, and sometimes, we can’t get enough of them. When it comes to fresh flowers, we feel the same way.

Now, speaking of gifts and flowers, we want to shed light on the beauty of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are prepared and shipped in tiny yet sturdy containers, allowing the flowers to retain their vitality and integrity despite the turbulent voyage. They stay fresh as each of these flower boxes is concealed with just the right amount of water, even for up to three days!

If you've ever gotten fresh flowers in the mail, you might be wondering how to care for them. Read on to discover some ways to look after your fresh  flowers today!

Place Them in the Water

After your flowers have been delivered, you should put them in water, but not straight away. Bloompost states that once the flowers get to their destination, they must acclimate to the temperature. Allow flowers to fully open for 30 minutes before placing them in a vase. As a result, the temperature shock that the flowers experience will be lessened.

Trim the Stems Diagonally

Flowers that are cut on the diagonal preserve their beauty as well as their longevity. When you cut flowers diagonally, you improve the chances that they will get enough water. 

Trim 2 centimetres off the plant's stems. Make sure to use and maintain clean shears to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Also, regardless of how painful the thorns are, do not remove them because doing so may result in an open "wound" that becomes infected. Thorns are an essential component of the plant and should not be eliminated.

Allow For Acclimatisation to Perfection

Acclimatisation is the process of gradually exposing flowers to temperatures over their natural range. One method is to place the bouquet in a utility room or shed, where the temperatures are generally warmer than outside but cooler than inside.

Your flowers will last longer if you properly acclimatise them to varying levels of temperature and humidity over time.

Give Room and Use the Right Vase Size

When flowers are placed too close together, an excess of moisture forms on the petals, leaves, and stems of the flowers. This causes the flower's petals to droop and finally fall off, as well as the stems to decay and turn brown.

Furthermore, use only a glass vase. Glass vases are incredibly easy to clean, which prevents bacteria from growing in the vase's water.

Clean Always

If you place your bouquet in a clean vase, it will grow faster in its new home. Before bringing your flowers inside, clean the vase well with dish soap, chlorine, and warm water.

It's conceivable that dead leaves or other debris from a prior arrangement contaminated the water in your vase. As such, clean again and clean always!

Know Where (and Where Not) to Put Your Flowers

When you've found the perfect vase, the next question is where you should place your fresh flowers. 

Choose a location that receives dappled sunlight to promote blossom growth. Keep your vase away from any heat source, such as a heater, furnace, dryer, or window that receives direct sunlight.

Furthermore, avoid placing your flowers near fruit dishes. Fruits such as apples, pears, and bananas emit ethylene gas, which causes flowers to wilt. As a result, fruit in close proximity to bananas quickly turns brown.


Flowers are adorable and they’re easy to appreciate, which is why they’re given on a  regular basis. If the receiver does not have hay fever, bringing them fresh flowers is nearly certain to make them happy!

If someone takes the time to mail you flowers, it shows that they care about you. By treating your bouquet with respect and adhering to the guidelines described above, you may ensure that it retains its longevity and pleasant energy for several weeks.

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