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Welcome to Freshtory - Aimed to be the most ethical gifting brand in Australia.

Freshtory was founded on this simple premise: 

There is nothing better than flowers when it comes to establishing deeper and long lasting connections.  

One day, Kamy (founder) found out that there are so many missing parts in the gifting industry when it comes to purchasing a gift for your loved ones. After being in the industry for quite a while, he tried to learn more about those flaws and decided to find the missing piece of the gifting puzzle; Freshtory is is the missing piece and it's here to ensure the highest quality of gifting in Australia (Starting from Melbourne).

Have you ever wondered that when you are purchasing a gift for someone you are more focused on the fact of selecting a product rather than the art of gifting itself? Yes, we found that too and millions of people confirmed the same.

You want your feelings to be perfectly transferred to your loved ones and believe it or not, the price of the gift does not matter :)
Freshtory is aiming to be the Future of gifting, an updated version that redirects the focus more on the art of gifting rather than how large or pricy is the gift...

There is more to Freshtory

- Donations: We are not keeping our profit for ourselves and it's almost distributed among a few charities supporting causes such as poverty, sexual abuse, and children's crisis. Your money will not be only used for the flowers, but it will be used for many other beautiful reasons and you will help build a better world.
- Sustainable Gifting: Part of the profit will also be invested in the expansion of sustainable gifting, this is highly ignored by many and we are here to make sure it's not gonna happen at Freshtory.
- ZERO Plastic:
There is no plastic involved in our supply chain and we wrap our fresh bouquets using zero plastic materials.  We are using expired newspapers as a wrap for our beautiful bouquets and give them a second chance.
- For our team:
We are here because of our fresh team and Kamy's mission was to make sure that anyone who is joining our team has suffered from unemployability caused by life-altering traumas in the past. With this, we are making sure that we maintain equality in our workforce and that employment is offered to the ones who need it the most.


Our Founder

is founded by an entrepreneur whose mission is to transform the gifting industry. Kamy was always in love with the art of gifting and he used to buy gifts for his loved ones from a very young age. He started a local flower shop with his parents a few years ago and scaled it to one of the leading florists in Melbourne. Now that he mastered the industry, his goal is to add more fun to the gifting industry and help create a better world. He built Freshtory just to achieve that ;) 

 Next Step

At Freshtory we want everyone to be seen and loved; gifting is all about connection and we want to connect hearts together. No more suffering from lack of emotions and no more loneliness; let's bring back all those beautiful connections together and make them ever lasting.

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    Our Profit

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    Our Team

  • Our Flowers

    Locally sourced from hardworking Aussie farmers whose pretty flowers have been mostly wasted during the past decade due to importing.

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